Programming Language
I use PHP as my main programming language of choice for backend development. A solid language built for the web that has seen lots of great improvements during all those years.
PHP web framework
By using laravel, I ensure that the applications follow a strict coding standard and use the best enterprise ready tools and features that its ecosystem provide out of the box.
Programming Language
A secondary back-end language of choice for applications or microservices that are performance sensible. Go (golang) was also designed for the web, making it a great choice for back-end engineers.
Relational Database
Although I can work with other systems like PostgreeSQL, we rely on MySQL for all the database management, a solid and stable system that have more than 25 years.
In-memory data structure
I use Redis to perform caching in the applications that need some performance boost and can benefit from a solid caching solution that I can rely on.
Programming Language
Typescript enhances the Javascript code by adding static typing. This allows to catch more errors at compile-time and avoids having a lot of runtime errors. This improves our application quality on production.
Javascript UI framework
Vue is one of the best Javascript UI frameworks that I use for production. Vue provides a lot of the tooling out of the box that we need to build applications with ease.
Vue framework
For complex application, the use of Nuxt allows for greater productivity and features out of the box. This ensures I also get benefit from features like SSR and automatic routing.
Javascript UI framework
React is one of the most solid UI frameworks I can use to develop applications. I normally use it with typescript to provide enterprise ready and UX enhanced applications.
React framework
I always use next in pair with React to get the most out of it, with features like SSR or static optimization it allows me to create applications with ease.
Tailwind CSS
CSS utility framework
Since design plays a crucial role in web development, I choose tailwindcss as part of my main stack to develop custom designs to all my applications. It really speeds up my workflow.
Visual Studio Code
Text Editor / IDE
I use VSCode as the main editor, this allows me to be productive by using some of the best PHP and Javascript extensions available and boost my productivity.
Netflix for laravel developers
Countless of developers including me started their careers by watching Jeffrey code. With Laracasts you can get an overview as well as specifics about what and how you can use Laravel to achieve your desired outcome
About Me
After working on-site for two and a half years for a Salesforce partner company, I parted ways to join another agency to do Laravel related work for a living. The change meant my wage was cut to two-third, but money was never the sole motivation for my work. Soon after I started my new job I began to reactivate my freelance carrier on the side. My motivation to work for an agency with different moral standards than myself led me to quit the job and start my career as a full-time freelancer.
In my business, I focus on developing custom software for small businesses and agencies to overcome their challenges. I enjoy the ability to work remotely in UTC+1 for all my clients in different countries and time zones. I figured for myself that the only way for a happy and healthy life is to have a good work-life balance. Therefore, I don't generally work on weekends nor am I reachable 24/7. Trust me when I say that my normal workweek is enough to get your work done.